Top social media sites for advertising your business

Top social media sites for advertising your business
top social media sites

If you haven’t known yet, there are many and different ways to grow your business and increase your sales. One of them is social media, which companies use to gain new audiences and advertise your product or service. Moreover, if you read “Social Media Audience: How to grow it with these following thips” we talked about the different marketing strategies to gain more potential customers organically and improve the sales of your startup. But, what about social media advertising? Did you know you can serve highly relevant advertisements on the top social media sites?

Social media advertising or social media targeting can provide huge increases in conversions and sales with lower cost of acquisition.

choosing your best social media for advertsing

Furthermore, you can have consistent sales coming in from the first day your website and social media profile is live.However, not all the social media sites you heard about can provide a quick ROI, that’s why we decided to make a list of the top social media platforms you can use to make your own campaign and drive consistent sales for your business.


As we all know, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms for teens and young adults all over the world, especially for those target audience under the age of 40. So that, it’s really important to consider this social media site to integrate your Instagram ads with attractive pics and an interesting content strategy to lead shoppers right to your CTA.


Even though it has developed some kind of negative reputation amongst younger users who are increasingly turning to other alternative sites, Facebook has become one the largest social media platforms in the world. That’s why if you run successful Facebook ads campaigns catering to your core audience, promoting your brand and encouraging engagement, the platform can produce amazing results.

youtube top social media site


Believe it or not, Youtube has become the second most popular search engine in the world, so that your business could benefit enormously from producing testimonials, walkthroughs, video tutorials, product reviews. Moreover, it allows you to combine the traditional media and social media working together, which creates connections in unique ways.


When you have a company which wants to gain an audience, it’s a must to create a LinkedIn account. And one of the main reasons is because it’s become one of the most effective social media advertising over the world. Therefore, if you want a place for business leaders to interact and high your level of business conversions, then LinkedIn has to be in your list.


Nowadays, Twitter has around 300 million users and has become a very popular medium not only to communicate breaking news but also to share a wide variety of content types ranging from educational videos and images, to gripping visual and discussion threads that offer different opinions and recommendations. From this argument, if your clients or company are looking to catch a niche audience’s attention around the globe, it’s time to invest in Twitter ads.


This social media platform has become very popular mainly for finding creative inspiration and saving original ideas, especially when it comes to everything from cooking to DYE home projects, interior design hacks, business, vacation or working ideas, and everything in between. Its audience predominantly consists of women and offers a unique opportunity for targeted ads. So if your company has a female target and it’s related to fashion, decoration, lifestyle, then you should take the most of it.

tiktok social media site

Tik Tok

It’s really surprising how this social media app has become so popular among users, especially millennials, in the last few months. Moreover, it’s placed amongst the top social media platforms in the world terms of sheer user figures. For that reason, it’s so important to add it on this list, not only to entertain but also to reach a young target who doesn’t have a direct connection to your products or services.

To sum up, no matter which social media platforms you decide to spend your time and your investment, you will need to employ the right and most effective tools in order to be successful in growing an audience, increasing your potential customer and achieving a quick ROI on your campaigns.