Social Media Audience: How to grow it with these following tips

Social Media Audience: How  to grow it with these following tips

It’s noticeable that no matter what stage your startup is going through, you will want to start or grow your social media audience…And believe or not, the more potential customer you can reach on social media organically and through advertising, the better your launch and your on-going sales will be. But, do you know which are the steps for growing your startup’s social media audience properly and in a short time? Fortunately, we decided to do a list of 15 tips for doing it on the three top social networks, so now make you a coffee and start reading…

Efficient and attractive social profiles and pages

In order to grow your social media audience on any social network, it’s really important you create strong and efficient profiles and pages for your social accounts. From this argument you should include an attractive branded cover logo and profile photos, without forgetting to fill out all of your details, such as your website link, your company’s characteristics, location.
Then, you should share some updates (at least ten) before you start your quest to build an effective audience. This, believe or not, will give to your potential customers a reason to follow you.

Make use of quality content

Despite your startup isn’t going fully yet, it would be convenient to start building your social media audience on different social networks by sharing content of good quality, interesting for those who are going to read it. For instance, the company’s blog link, videos, podcast, and other.

Create interesting contacts

As we all know, most social networks have a way to connect you with people you know. That is why it’s high advisable you take advantage of it and try to create the most interesting contacts that you can, such as work colleagues, other company’s owners of your same industry and even people from your competition.

Social sharing buttons

Add links and social sharing buttons on your website

This tip is really important, especially when you are starting to grow your business and your social media audience. So that, you will need to add a small square social network icon on your website (header, footer or sidebar). Moreover, you can also add the official buttons for each network on your website in order to make your audience share your new and latest posts.

Add links to your top social accounts in your emails and newsletters

One of the things you should take into account is that every potential customer you communicate with via email must know about your startup. From this argument, you should add links to your top social accounts in your email signature, using small square social network icons or standard text links.

Promote your social accounts with your audience you already have.

Asking your social network’s members to connect with you on another it’s a really good idea. Furthermore, looking for opportunities to link from one social account to another it’s a really effective strategy too.

Increase your social media with Twitter

Engage with your target Twitter audience

Nowadays, one of the strongest social networks that allows you to follow up to 6,000 people,is Twitter. So, once you try to follow your target social media audience, start chatting with them and reply to all those different and interesting posts that you see. Furthermore, if you have an advertising budget, trying Twitter advertising could be a great idea too, because it will encourage your target audience to follow you.

Follow other interesting people on Twitter

You can find your target audience by searching for hashtags they generally use when they post on Instagram. Afterwards, follow your target people and engage with them by replying to their photos and videos in the news feed. Moreover, if you share interesting content, you should use hashtags in your captions, so your social media audience can be able to click a button next to your name to follow you.

Like other pages on Facebook

Finding pages where your target audience are engaged and start communicating with them with your Facebook page, can be a really efficient strategy. Especially, because you can get some more attractive ideas and get to know your potential customers better.

Use your profile up to Facebook followers

You should take a look at your Facebook setting that enables you to allow others to follow your personal profile and as consequence, helps you to grow your social media audience and your business. The process is very simple; any public updates you upload will be shared with your followers in the news feed without having to accept them as a friend.

Take part in Facebook Groups

Another strategy to use your personal profile on Facebook is to be involved in groups related to your niche or those which your target audience would be interested in. So, joining them and engaging in their discussions is a really good idea.

Choose and create content attractive for your audience

Instagram strategy

Focusing on creating amazing and original posts that you are sure they are going to connect with your social media audience is fundamental to success in your social network strategy, That’s why it’s so important to develop a good relationship with your potential customers to know what kind of content they like. Moreover, you will have to check out what your competition is posting or what type of creating posts are used on the websites or blogs which are popular in your industry.

Pay attention to Calls to Action (CTA) in Instagram

Every post you share in your Instagram account should have a strong CTA encouraging your followers to interact with you. For example putting a question in your caption, making a quest, writing down “tag your friends who are like this,” or “double tap if you agree”. Furthemore, CTA can be, for instance in a comment, a pic, story telling or every post you want.

Complete your Instagram Bio as much as you can

Believe it or not using this section of your Instagram account means having a strong call to action for your potential followers, because they have just a few seconds to decide whether or not they want to follow you. Your Instagram Bio should capture their attention, make them interested in your content and even make them want to follow you. Furthermore, it’s really important you include some keywords, such as “entrepreneurs”, “startup”, so that your profile could show up immediately when your social media audience searches on instagram using these terms.

The importance of the use of Hashtags

Including different Hashtags (keywords preceded by#) and attaching them in your images, posts can be very efficient too, because it enables your content to be found easily and quick by those who don’t follow you yet.

LinkedIn Strategy

Get involved in LinkedIn groups

If you haven’t heard yet, LinkedIn is known as the most effective and powerful social network for engaging with other company’s owners, work colleagues and people of the same industry as yours. That’s why it’s really important you participate in the discussions and provide valuable answers to get your target audience to want to connect with you.

In short, whatever the size of your business is, social media tools can help you better connect with your target audience, reach new potential customers, and increase the sales of your company.

As you can see, there are many and different ways to use social media in order to increase your audience. However we recommend you to start with two or three network strategies and build your social media marketing efforts over time.