Generate business leads following these 9 business strategies

Generate business leads following these 9 business strategies

Expanding your customer base and improving the sales for your company can be a real headache sometimes, especially when startups owners don’t know exactly which business strategies to use to generate new leads in a proper way. Moreover, if you remember, in “Increase your company’s sales by generating business leads”, we talked about the importance of making new leads and its benefits.

Therefore, if you have already read our previous article and you already know what a lead is and how lead generation works, we are going to start mentioning some useful strategies that will help you identify sales leads in your business and turn them into potential paying customers.

1. Identify your target

The first and one of the most important steps of making a business lead generation is identifying your target audience. That’s why it’s so important to research your potential customers and come up with a clear picture of who they are, what they like and much more characteristics about them. Remember you have to be the most precise that you can at the moment of doing this.

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2. Pick efficient promotional methods.

In order to generate business leads, you need an efficient promotional plan that will increase the sales of your company and make your business known. However, there are a number of ways you can promote your product or service such as an informational website, a blog, newsletters, social media, industry events, pay per click advertising, current customer referrals, and others.

3. Create a Sales Funnel

Once you know who your target audience is and have defined which strategy is best to reach them, you will need to design a plan for collecting all their contact information. Moreover, you will have to funnel all prospects to a standard form or landing page that will encourage your potential customer to share all his contact information, generally in return for a value- added incentive, such as a free gift, a coupen, etc.

4. Email newsletter to build strong relationships

In order to cultivate those relationships with your target audience and take them from the lead stage through a sale, you will have to create consistent communication with them through different email marketing strategies.

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5. Use Social Media to connect and engage.

Nowadays, more and more people are taking social networks as part of their lives and that’s why social media in general provides a number of opportunities, specially for start-ups, to create conversations with potential customers and generate new business leads. Furthermore, once you have leads, in your database, you will be able to use social media to talk to them and find out more about their needs and wishes. You can create a Twitter profile, Facebook or Instagram page, Pinterest, YouTube channel or a LinkedIn company page which is known for having the 2x buying power than your company’s web audience has.

6. Ads and display retargeting

This can be a really good idea apart from the social media promotion. Using targeted pay per click advertising on Google, for instance, will encourage your target customer to take action immediately and there is no doubt it can be one the most effective ways to generate new leads for your business. Besides, using display retargeting you can show visual advertisements for your products on other popular sites across the web.

7. Referral Marketing

Customer referrals are one of the oldest and best known business lead generation marketing strategies out there. If you already have a current customer who is delighted by your product or service, then ask him to share his experience with his friends who also might benefit.

8. Answer forum questions

Another and not less important strategy to generate business leads is answering forum questions to prove your subject matter expertise while also setting the stage for reciprocity. Furthermore, at the end of your answer, remember to include a call to action to use your product or service that will solve the user’s problem.

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9. Influencers interviews

Believe it or not interviewing leaders in your industry can help you to open up a lot of doors for your start-up and as consequently, to generate new business leads. Moreover, you can use these kinds of interviews to create powerful content.
To sum up, you must know that if you get an efficient system in place using the lead generation strategies above, you will increase your opportunities for business growth efficiently and in a really short time. But remember, lead generation should be thought of as a long- term and continuous process to reach those goals that you really want.

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