Increase your company’s sales by making new business leads

Increase your company’s sales by making new business leads

Many successful startups owners are always looking to expand their customer base and grow their businesses. However, as we all know it can be a complicated and long- term process, unless we have access to a steady stream of sales leads. That’s why generate real business leads can be one of the solutions to improve your company performance.

But… let’s start defining what is a business lead. 

A lead is any person who shows interest in a company’s product or service. Furthermore, there are different types of leads depending on how they are qualified and what lifecycle stage they are in. 

Marketing Qualified Lead. 

These types of leads are contacts who have engaged with your marketing company’s efforts but aren’t prepared to receive any sales call yet. 

Sales Qualified Lead. 

Sales Qualified lead are those who have already taken actions which indicates their interest in becoming a potential paying customer. Filling out a form to ask a question about a product or service could be an example in this case,

Customer payment

Product Qualified Lead. 

When we are referring to a Product Qualified Leads we are talking about contacts who have already used the product of your company. We realised they are interested in becoming a paying customer because they have taken action that proved that.

Service Qualified Lead

These kinds of customers have already indicated to your service team that they’re interested in becoming a paying customer. For example, when a customer wants to change a free version of a service to a premium one

The purpose of generate business leads

Why do you think you need a good business lead generation? The answer is very simple. Because you need to warm up potential customers to your business and get them on the path to eventually making a good purchase. Moreover, when you attract your target audience and initiate a relationship with them, you make them convert into leads for your sales of your company. 

How the business leads generation works

Well, it’s not so complicated, if that you were thinking. 

In the first stage, a potential customer discovers your business through one of your marketing channels (a blog, social media page, newsletter, etc) and one of your lead generation strategies. 

Then, that visitor clicks on an image, button, message (known as a Call to Action or CTA) which is going to take him to a landing page, which consists on a web page designed to capture lead information in exchange for a special and attractive offer, such as a course, an ebook, a gift. 

holding a credit card

After that, in the last and most important stage, your target customer fills out a form to get that valuable offer. And that moment is when you got it…at this point, believe it or not, you have already generated a new business lead!

So, as you can see it’s not so difficult. Moreover, now that you know how to create your business leads step by step, what are you waiting for to follow them?